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Communication in our busy world is changing and we want to know the best way to let you know about planned outages, emergency outages, upcoming events and programs. Help us provide you with excellent member service by updating your information in our member database.

Update your information in 2 easy steps:

1. Copy the information on this page of the newsletter.
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   Or visit our website & submit the information electronically. Click here.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not share any provided information with others.

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Please help us improve our ability to communicate with you by sending this survey to the Cooperative.


Member Communication...more than a side dish.

On the front page of this month's newsletter we ask our members to participate in a short survey identifying your preferred method of having us communicate with you. Now you're probably asking yourself why the Co-op would want to communicate with you.

For years we've recognized that a strong communication program is an essential component for success. The fifth Cooperative Principle of Education, Training, and Information reflect the importance of communications. And as a Co-op member, being an owner of a company, you should be kept informed.

Over the years, our means of communicating with you included media options of the time, our website, newsletter and statewide Enchantment Magazine. This is how we provide members with information on an array of subjects including meetings, programs, rates, etc. But technology today is moving forward at a rapid pace and the world of communication is changing just as fast. In keeping pace, we recently introduced two mobile phone apps to ease member access to account information and energy efficiency options.

Communication is defined as the process of transferring information and meaning through some medium. We as a society have come to expect fast technology and immediate response. Now I personally have never used Facebook or Twitter, but I carry around my cell phone, check e-mails and will send a text now and then. Our mode of communication in the past (other than in person or telephone) left little room for interaction and conversation.

Now there are options that give room to both conversation and interaction. We want to communicate with you the way you want us to. The service we provide should go beyond the basics; we want Members to feel that they have a real voice and are able to express their opinions to management at the annual meeting or on other occasions. We want our Members to know their Co-op listens.

This is the reciprocal part of communicating - listening to members - for us, it's more than a side dish.


Tip of the Month

During summer months, our homes can be extremely hot, making living conditions uncomfortable. Before you fire up your air conditioner, try cooling off with a ceiling fan first. Using ceiling fans can actually raise your thermostat setting by 4 degrees and still feel just as comfortable.


Electric co-op businesses and home owners can learn more
about how to do their part in conserving energy.





Electrical Outage Telephone Numbers

575-546-8838 between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00 pm

After Hours and Holidays 1-800-228-0579

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