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The Cooperative's Energy Efficiency Programs have been in place since the 1990's and are intended to encourage and reward energy efficiency purchases and energy use practices. We are happy to report that our power supplier, Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association, for 2015 will once again partner in the programs we offer to members. As a result following is a list of the programs available to our members in 2015:

Electric water heaters are available for sale to members only at our office

  • 40 gallon /$50
  • 50 gallon /$60

Refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer and dishwasher rebates are also offered. A complete list of qualifying equipment is available at;

  • $40/unit, refrigerators or freezers
  • $40/unit additional for refrigerator/freezer recycling
  • $40/unit for clothes washers
  • $30/unit for dishwashers

Electric heat pump

  • $125/ton with electric resistance backup
  • $150/unit additional incentive for Energy Star rated units 3 tons and larger
  • $100/unit additional incentive for Energy Star rated units from 2 to 3 tons

Premium efficiency electric motors

  • Maximum motor size 500 hp
  • Limited to irrigation motors and special purpose motors not covered by EISA 2007
  • Table available listing minimum motor efficiencies
  • Minimum 10-horsepower, operating at minimum of 15% load factor or 3 months per year.

Motor Rebate Amount

  • $8/horsepower from 10 through 500 horsepower
  • • $1.50/horsepower wiring assistance if the motor replaces a fossil-fueled engine, or is a new installation

Variable speed drive (VSD) retrofit
Only retrofits to existing installations, no new and no maintenance replacements

Restrictions do apply. For more information go to or call our office.



Denise Barrera (left), Chris Martinez, CEC Manager (right)

After 22 years of dedicated service to Columbus Electric and its' members Denise Barrera announced her retirement. She began working at Columbus Electric in the late 1980's when the company was working its way through difficult times. In those days the rising cost of electric power coupled with low gas and diesel prices caused a loss of a significant amount of irrigation load. The cooperative hit rock bottom when our primary lender, the Rural Utility Service, mandated certain operational changes to the organization. By the early 1990's, the cooperative utilizing a combination of technology and innovative rate design, enticed those irrigation members to once again use electricity for their agricultural needs, which brought stability back to the organization. The employees and Board Members of the late 80's and early 90's laid the foundation for stability that continues to benefit Cooperative members today.

For most of those 22 years Denise was the Co-op's Accounting Manager, but to us she is both family and friend.

We wish Denise the best in her retirement as this milestone is more than an adjustment, it's an opportunity!


Tip of the Month

They're out of sight, but don't forget about your air ducts. Taking care of them can save money and energy. Check ducts for air leaks. Take care of minor sealing jobs with heat-approved tape, especially in attics and in vented crawl spaces. Call the pros for major ductwork repairs.


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