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2015 Annual Meeting of Members

The 70th Annual Meeting of the Members of Columbus Electric Cooperative, Inc. will be held on held on March 21, 2015. The official notice will be mailed at a later date.

But we're once again inviting and reminding you to plan on attending your Annual Meeting. That's right, your meeting. As a member/owner you have a piece of the action because that's how Cooperatives get things done. That all important action includes your voice and involvement in co-op activities, your presence and participation at annual meetings and your very valued vote for your Board of Trustees. At the Cooperative we focus on what matters...the consumer. That is the driving force behind how your electric cooperative works. It doesn't take a lot of fancy words to understand the difference between your electric co-op and other utility companies.

Simply put, if something- a policy, a service, a way of doing business- is good for our consumers, then it's good for the Co-op too. Contrast this philosophy with that of the big power companies. Making a profit is first and foremost with them. That's all well and good unless there is a clash between profits for the company and serving consumers and their communities. When that happens guess who wins?

Whenever a community faces a need-a challenge to make life better-the cooperative business model comes into play.

That choice is simple because the Co-op philosophy is simply: Members are the Co-op, so if it's good for them then it has to be good for the Co-op itself.

So mark the calendar and plan on attending your annual meeting on March 21st at the Animas School Auditorium. Deming and Columbus members interested in riding the bus, please call the office to reserve a seat.

At your Co-op the consumer comes first - and that means you. Don't forget the twenty dollar joke contest...see you there.


Spanish Stirrup Breaker Station Nears Completion

The installation of the new $500,000 Spanish Stirrup breaker station is part of our on-going effort to improve the reliability of service to our members. The installation of this station will allow us to isolate problems on our southern transmission line.

For power to be useful in a home or business the voltage must be stepped down to distribution levels, this happens in several phases. The voltage conversion from "transmission" to "distribution" occurs in a substation. The substations are interconnected by transmission power lines. In the past when a problem occurred on the transmission line several sub stations could be affected and correspondingly the members served by those stations.

Breakers are designed to turn off power in the event of a short circuit. This breaker will allow for certain sections of line to be disconnected from the transmission grid when necessary, allowing problems to be isolated to a small geographical area. Without this breaker on the line, large areas of the grid would be blacked out while the crews fixed the transmission problems. The system will be more reliable once this project is complete.


Winter Moratorium to End

"Protection from winter shut-off ends March 15, 2015. To avoid potential disconnection of services please contact Columbus Electric Cooperative, Inc. 575-546-8838 or 1-800-950-2667 to make arrangements for payment. Members of New Mexico tribes or pueblos who need help with translation or with other matters may contact the commission's consumer relations division at (888) 427-5772, who will contact the appropriate tribal or pueblo official for assistance." "Para informacion en espanol llame 575-546-8838 or 1-800-950-2667."


Electric co-op businesses and home owners can learn more
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Electrical Outage Telephone Numbers

575-546-8838 between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00 pm

After Hours and Holidays 1-800-228-0579

Reporting an Outage details ...