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The Life of a Lineman

They wake before the sun, pour steaming cups of coffee, and kiss their family goodbye. After swinging by the office to get the day's orders, these men climb into their trucks and head out. Our lineworkers form a solid team with one job: to deliver safe, reliable electricity. But that job can change in a million ways when rough weather steps in.

We often take power-and the men and women who provide it-for granted. Let's take a moment and stand in their boots. Linemen have to work safely, smart, and efficiently-all while 40 feet in the air wearing sturdy, thick rubber gloves. On a typical day, lineworkers maintain electrical distribution lines or build service to new homes and businesses. They have a lot on their plates. But when our dispatch center calls crews with a problem, everything else takes a backseat.

Power restoration takes precedence on a lineworker's to-do list. These brave men are always on call. We have two crews standing by to serve you 24 hours a day, in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning, weekends and holidays.

Can you imagine getting a call at 3 a.m. telling you to work outside during bad weather? Not many people are willing to face storms. Our lineworkers face harsh elements daily, all to serve you.

Lineworkers also focus on safety; the lives of coworkers are on the line. Job safety is important to everyone, no matter your occupation. But for lineworkers, there can be no slip ups or careless actions. Mistakes can cost a limb or life. That's one of the reasons linemen form a brotherhood. When you put your life in the hands of co-workers every day, they become more than colleagues. They're family.

That sense of family extends to electric co-ops across the nation. One of our principles is cooperation among cooperatives. We help other co-ops in their time of need, and they extend that service to us too. It's reassuring to know if a severe storm strikes, a national team of lineworkers stand ready to answer the call.

To be ready to respond no matter the situation or weather conditions, linemen are highly trained. At CEC lineworkers go through regular training to ensure they can work safely with various kinds of equipment. The equipment gets tested regularly too.

These highly skilled individuals light our homes and businesses every day. They endure harsh weather and long hours, all to make our lives better. We tip our hat to these individual as they are the heart of the Co-op.

Electric Cooperatives are always in style!

Trends come and go, but classics stay in style forever. Columbus Electric fit the "classics" category perfectly. We started out more than a half century ago when people banded together to bring electricity to this area. As member-owners of the Cooperative they had-and you still have a voice and vote in your co-op.

We're inviting-and reminding-you to be an active co-op member! Mark your calendar for the Annual Meeting April 12th. Share your views and hear what your fellow members have to say. No other type of electric utility offers you a similar opportunity.

So get the most out of your membership. Sign up to ride the bus from Deming or Columbus, listen to what's happening with your business. Visit and share a meal with neighbors and friends maybe win a door prize and don't forget the joke contest.

This classic combination of people, service, concern and member involvement spells
It's a style that works! It's a style we're proud of!


Tip of the Month

These days, it may be easier to trim your refrigerator's energy use than it is to trim your waistline. Consider this energy-saving and maintenance regimen to keep your refrigerator in shape. Set the refrigerator temperature above 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure door seals are in place and are snug when closed. And keep outside coils unobstructed and clean; dirty ones could overwork the unit's compressor.


Columbus Electric is transitioning its online billing to SmartHub! SmartHub provides convenient access and two-way communication online or via your mobile device. Manage payments, notify customer service of account issues, check your usage and receive special messaging from us at the touch of a button. SmartHub is available on Android and IOS smartphones and tablets as well as on the Web. Download the app or link to it on the Web

Also effective February 10, to pay by phone please call 1-855-874-5352.


Electric co-op businesses and home owners can learn more
about how to do their part in conserving energy.





Electrical Outage Telephone Numbers

575-546-8838 between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00 pm

After Hours and Holidays 1-800-228-0579

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